Late night talk shows are full of celebrities pimping their latest projects, so it's always a relief when a guest shows up with something special. To wit: Here's Jack Black on a recent episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!,' debuting a "sizzle reel" from his fake 'Teen Wolf' sequel, 'Adult Wolf.'

Telling Kimmel that 'Adult Wolf' is something that he and his Tenacious D partner Kyle Gass "have been really passionate about," Black unveiled the five-minute clip, which includes cameos from John C. McGinley, Rachel Bilson, and Ed Begley, Jr. Imagining 'Teen Wolf' protagonist Scott Howard (originally played by Michael J. Fox) as an RV-dwelling layabout with "no job, no girlfriend, and one very annoying roommate" (his dad), 'Adult Wolf' sends our hero back to the basketball court for one last shot at glory (not to mention a shot at the hot girl from the waxing salon, played by Bilson).

In spite of its brief length, 'Adult Wolf' manages to follow more or less the same outline as 'Teen Wolf,' minus a return appearance by Jim McKrell as the pants-wetting Principal Thorne, which makes us wonder why we needed to sit through all 82 minutes of the original. Consider it a lesson learned, and check out 'Adult Wolf' via the clip embedded above.