It still remains to be seen how much of Solo: A Star Wars Story will have Ron Howard’s imprint on it, and how much of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s footage Lucasfilm kept. The best case scenario is that we’ll have no way of knowing because the directors’ styles fit so seamlessly together, and hopefully there won’t be any wild tone shifts indicating where the first batch of footage ends and the reshoots begin. Apparently though, the movie did keep a lot of Lord and Miller’s original stuff — Thandie Newton says the majority of her scenes that made it in were directed by the duo.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Newton assured that the film wasn’t entirely redone from scratch after Lord and Miller were fired:

Apart from the initial shock and feeling bad for [Lord and Miller] not being able to finish their work, their work is everywhere in it. Ninety percent of my stuff is with them. And it certainly wasn’t about, ‘Oh we have to start again and do it all over.’

The buzzword so far on this production has been “collaboration,” and Newton stuck with that, saying that having three talented directors working on the movie only made it even better.

I love Phil and Chris — everybody loves Phil and Chris — they’re so brilliant. Ron and the guys were talking to each other. As far as I’m concerned what’s on screen, in the end, is going to be an amazing collaboration. It’s a massive piece. We see so often now there are two directors working on pictures. We already had two with Phil and Chris. Now there’s three. With a project like that where it’s a vision that’s been created over so many years, that’s so expansive, I think it’s less about things going wrong than getting more help to bring it into the best position it can be in. I really like Ron though, he’s very sweet. And [the film is] dope; it’s so cool!

I mean, we’ve all heard the saying that too many cooks spoil the stew, and with a movie like this I’d say that one creative vision should be enough, but our fingers are crossed that this is the exception to the rule. Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters May 25, 2018.

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