As soon as The 100 fan-favorite Ricky Whittle was announced to lead Starz and Bryan Fuller’s American Gods as Shadow Moon, CW viewers had to wonder if Lincoln’s days were numbered. Now, Whittle’s exit appears to have been confirmed, along with some surprising bad blood, revealed by none other than the actor’s mother.

This is certainly among the … odder … means with which casting news travels, but where many have pointed to Alycia Debnam-Carey’s dual roles between The 100 and Fear The Walking Dead as a reason Whittle might remain with the CW sci-fi drama in some form, the actor’s mother Mags denounced as much over Twitter, alluding to “bullies” like showrunner Jason Rothenberg:

Should Whittle’s mother delete the tweets, we’ve assembled them in screencap below. And before you ask, yes, we’ve confirmed the account actually to the actor’s mother.

Twitter / @magster53

Neither Ricky Whittle, Mags Whittle, nor The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg have since spoken of the accusation, despite the former Whittle and Rothenberg having been active on Twitter since, given both American Godsrecent casting of Ian McShane, as well as Thursday’s new The 100 episode.

Eitehrway, Whittle’s character may not actually expire on The 100, but it doesn’t sound like Lincoln will stick around much longer.