Showtime’s The Affair proved a breakout hit with critics through its first season, but will the acclaimed drama succeed or suffer a sophomore slump in Season 2? The first full trailer for the new fall season has arrived, and Pacey Joshua Jackson’s finger guns might spell a deadly end for one of our leads.

“Do you honestly think that everything works out for the best,” asks Ruth Wilson’s Alison in the first look at Season 2. “That true love conquers all?” Things seem to get worse both past and present, as Noah gets impossible bail for Scotty’s death, while Cole seemingly pops up anywhere he pleases, finger guns a-blazin’.

Elsewhere of The Affair Season 2, Pretty Little Liars star Miranda Rae Mayo will play a new love interest for Joshua Jackson’s Cole, while Joanna Gleason and Richard Schiff also count themselves among the cast. Gleason will play the editor of a well-known publisher, while Schiff will take the role of Bruce (Gotham star John Doman)’s attorney Jon Gottlief.

The Affair Season 2 won’t formally premiere until October, tough the first trailer will give you a taste above? Will the new run live up to last year’s?

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