FX’s The Americans still has almost two full seasons to go, but if Season 5 starts feeling a bit bleak, you might be remembering the last time Noah Emmerich and Laurie Holden shared the screen. Both former Walking Dead stars will reunite for The Americans Season 5, as Holden joins in a recurring role.

Per TVLine, Holden will join the penultimate Americans season as Renee, a new love interest for Noah Emmerich’s Stan Beeman The character is described as “a new woman in town who captures the interest of Stan when they meet at the gym. Renee easily keeps up with the guys watching sports, drinking beer, and fly fishing, but is she the woman of Stan’s dreams?”

It seems Holden also teased her ‘80s attire earlier in the week:


Holden and Emmerich briefly co-starred in The Walking Dead’s first season, as Emmerich portrayed the short-lived CDC doctor Edwin Jenner. Elsewhere of The Americans Season 5, we know Brett Tucker will take the recurring role of Ben Stobert, described as “a charming, intelligent and passionate scientist, whose work goes deeper than it seems.”

The Americans Season 5 will premiere sometime in 2017, but does Holden mark a bright new future for Stan, or the beginning of the end?

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