Stop-motion animation may play second fiddle to CG animation when it comes to popularity and box office clout, but there's no denying which one is cooler. Laika, the studio being 'Coraline' and 'Paranorman,' knows just how impressive (and difficult) their work is and they're not shy about showing off in the trailer for their newest film, 'The Boxtrolls.' Although it offers no story and no dialogue, it makes one thing very clear: although few people in the world are doing stop-motion these days, no one does it as well as Laika.

The trailer begins with a montage of behind-the-scenes shots, showcasing the intricate construction of the models and sets used for the finished film. The camera then takes us behind the scenes of the set itself, showing a crew member at work. In a way, this trailer is just as much a featurette as a preview, giving audiences a nifty look at how these movies are made before trying to sell it. It's a strange choice, but the message is definitely clear: what you're seeing is blood, sweat and tears of talented artists, not computer pixels.

Since the trailer offers no plot, here's the official synopsis:

An orphaned boy raised by underground creatures called Boxtrolls comes up from the sewers and out of his box to save his family and the town from the evil exterminator, Arichibald Snatcher.

'The Boxtrolls' - which features the voices of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Elle Fanning and Sir Ben Kingsley - opens on September 26, 2014.

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