This is a side of Ryan Reynolds we always like seeing: gruff, dark, and super dramatic. In director Atom Egoyan's newest thriller 'The Captive,' Reynolds plays a father whose daughter is kidnapped and mysteriously reappears eight years later, and the first trailer is cut together quite nicely, really selling us on the suspense.

Egoyan, who previously directed this year's 'Devil's Knot,' is already back with a new film touting an excellent cast. Set in Ontario, Reynolds stars as Matthew, a man whose daughter goes missing, leading him and the investigators into what appears to be some very enigmatic and elaborate kidnapping scheme. Scott Speedman and Rosario Dawson star as detectives working the case, while 'The Killing' star Mireille Enos plays Reynolds' wife.

Reynolds gives great performances in dramatic fare, from his work in 'Buried' to his oft-overlooked performance in the indie 'The Nines.' And while he's been known in the past for his comedic chops and his leading man good looks, he's always more interesting when he takes on more challenging and darker films.

'The Captive,' which screened back in May at the Cannes film festival, also stars Kevin Durand (looking suitably creepy in this trailer) and Bruce Greenwood, and hits theaters on September 5.

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