You’re probably aware of the story of the French Connection thanks to William Friedkin’s 1971 film The French Connection, which told the story from the perspective of two American detectives trying to take down a French drug smuggler. Now comes The Connection, Cédric Jimenez’s film which explores the French side of that story with The Artist star Jean Dujardin playing a magistrate trying to take down that very same drug smugger. We’ve got the first trailer for the film, which goes full red band and doesn’t pull any punches.

Obviously, The Connection removes the “French” part of the title as it’s set in France. Drafthouse Films acquired the film last year, though we haven’t heard much since then. Today brings the arrival of the first trailer, which kind of smacks you in the face with how awesome this movie looks. Dujardin plays Pierre Michel, a magistrate in Marseilles attempting to take down a notorious drug smuggling operation. Pierre goes up against the charismatic drug kingpin Gatean “Tany” Zampa, played by Gilles Lellouche, who traffics his supply into the U.S. Through a series of drug raids, interrogations, and ultimately arrests, Pierre Michel relentlessly pursues his target.

There’s plenty of great stuff in the trailer (via ComingSoon), from the cinematography to Dujardin slamming some dude’s head into a pool table, some motorcycle pursuits, and the excellent use of a French cover of Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang.”

The Connection will get a limited theatrical release on May 15.