We learned a while ago that The CW planned to move forward with a TV series reboot of the classic DC comics character Green Arrow, completely independent of his 'Smallville' incarnation or Justin Hartley (who himself just landed another pilot on The CW), but you know now much superhero nerds like to nitpick!

TVLine has captured a few of the first details of 'Arrow,' starring 'Private Practice's Stephen Arnell in the lead, which according to Warner Bros. TV president Peter Roth lies "tonally... most closely – in terms of analogy – to the world of Jason Bourne."  Roth also adds that “We’re working very, very closely with DC, we’re making sure that each of the original characters are honored, are respected, and any changes that we make are being made with the sanction and endorsement of DC.”

In spite of such claims, a few details have emerged suggesting light changes to the typical 'Green Arrow' canon, for instance setting the series in "Starling City" as opposed to "Star City," and the (eventual) Black Canary character being named "Laurel Lance" as opposed to the books' Dinah Lance.  Additionally, Oliver Queen's younger sister Thea (Willa Holland) goes by the nickname "Speedy," an allusion to Green Arrow's comic sidekick, who previously was of no relation.

Apart from Arnell and Holland, the cast includes Katie Cassidy ('Melrose Place') and Paul Blackthorne ('The Dresden Files') as Laurel and her detective father Quentin, Susanna Thompson ('Once & Again') and Jamey Sheridan ('Law & Order: Criminal Intent) as Oliver’s mother Moira and father Robert, plus Colin Donnell (Pan Am) as Oliver’s friend Tommy Merlyn.

David Nutter will helm the pilot set to begin production next week, having previously directed the pilots for 'Smallville,' 'Supernatural,' 'Dark Angel' and 'Roswell.'

Well, say what you will about 'Smallville' or even the ill-fated David E. Kelley 'Wonder Woman' reboot, they at least weren't afraid to make changes to the comics for the purpose of believable TV.  I'll definitely take a look at 'Arrow' when it debuts, what about you?  Let us know your best nitpicks and praise down below!