Looks like 'Arrow' might have a bit of competition in the archery field. As The CW continues its push to develop TV series based on twisting classic literary tales, as well as those with strong female leads, one of the most buzzworthy yet has emerged as Robin Hood drama 'Sherwood.' Don't worry, The CW isn't making the iconic literary figure into a girl, but the show rather centers on a young woman who joins the "Merry Men" in an effort to free her boyfriend. Find out more about 'Sherwood' inside!

The CW might as well open an archery range at this point, between the success of 'Arrow' and the latest announcement to develop a female-centric Robin Hood drama.  The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the network has trained its sights on developing 'Sherwood,' produced by 'Emily Owens' Dan Jinks and written by Tze Chun ('Cashmere Mafia').

Set in England 1072, 'Sherwood' revolves around a young noblewoman who sets out to free her serf boyfriend, after he's taken captive and wrongfully imprisoned by Norman occupiers. The woman seeks help from the otherwise-disappeared Robin of Locksley, inadvertently reuniting and joining the hero and his Merry Men, and inspiring new hope for the oppressed people of Nottingham.

'Sherwood' would join the number of heroes female and literary alike popping up at the network in the future, including 'Amazon,' 'Wunderland,' and 'Expectations.'

What say you? Would you watch 'Sherwood,' or has the tale of Robin Hood been done to death?