The nation and the entertainment industry have spent the past week reeling from the tragic events in Aurora, Colorado. However, there has been no shortage of goodwill from many involved. Warner Bros. donated a sizable sum to the victims of the shooting, director Christopher Nolan issued a formal statement and Christian Bale himself stopped by to visit those recuperating. Now, composter Hans Zimmer, who created the music for all three of Nolan's Batman movies, has created a new composition to honor those affected, with all proceeds going to support the the wounded and the families of the deceased.

Titled 'Aurora,' the eight and a half minute piece is a far cry from the action-focused bombast we've come to expect from Zimmer's work. Somber and contemplative, it is not only a touching gesture, but an appropriate anthem for the fallen. You can purchase the song below for as little as ten cents or as much as $2500, with every last penny going to, the Aurora victim relief charity. It is also available through iTunes for the standard $1.29.

Sample the song and make your purchase below. It's a quick, painless process that will not only let you own a beautiful piece of music from one of Hollywood's best, but will let you give to a good cause,

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