We're a week away from the release of 'The Dark Knight Rises' and though there may or may not be some spoilers out there, for the most part Warner Brothers has kept their secrets safe. But now there's more pictures, which reveal things, like Marion Cotillard standing next to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and more. Check it out...

Here's Michael Caine looking concerned and a little teary eyed. Perhaps master Wayne has hurt himself, or perhaps he's watching 'The Vow.'


Here's Joseph Gordon-Levitt looking all actiony:


And here's Gordon-Levitt standing next to Mathew Modine. Who do you think is happier to be in the Bat-Franchise?


Here's Christopher Nolan on set telling a knock-knock joke. When Nolan tells it, the punchline is "Knock Knock."


Here's Morgan Freeman playing Freecell on his computer (but pretending to look busy):


This is the face he makes when he's busted for playing Freecell:


And here's Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate. From the two pictures she's in, we guess she goes house hunting with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character.


And here's Gary Oldman looking like he's ready to handle business:


Here's Nolan on set leaving graffiti marks:


Because this is a super-huge movie they got director Christopher Nolan to put his handprints in at Grauman's Chinese theater. There the cast assembled to watch the ceremony:

'The Dark Knight Rises' opens July 20, if you didn't know.