When it was first announced, The Emoji Movie sounded like a joke — the inevitable apex of big budget studio movies based on products least likely to inspire a feature-length narrative. But Sony Pictures Animation has followed through on its threat to unleash an animated adventure featuring a walking and talking poop emoji, and we have the first teaser trailer to prove it.

Oh boy, where to begin. This teaser trailer, as you can see, is optimized for mobile viewing because, well, obviously. The first full trailer will roll out in theaters nationwide on Wednesday, when we’ll presumably get to spend a little more time getting to know some of these emoji characters, like Hi-5 (voiced by James Corden) and Jailbreak (voiced by Broad City’s Ilana Glazer; get that paycheck, queen).

At the heart of this story, which sounds a bit like The LEGO Movie (and can you blame Sony for trying to cash-in on that concept?), is Gene, an emoji who was never given a specific designation, so he’s brimming with all sorts of emotions and expressions. Gene is voiced by T.J. Miller, while his father, Meh (seen above), is voiced by Steven Wright — in case you couldn’t tell.

Here’s the official synopsis for what is sure to be one of the most baffling movies of 2017:

The Emoji Movie unlocks the never-before-seen secret world inside your smartphone. Hidden within the messaging app is Textopolis, a bustling city where all your favorite emojis live, hoping to be selected by the phone’s user. In this world, each emoji has only one facial expression – except for Gene (T.J. Miller), an exuberant emoji who was born without a filter and is bursting with multiple expressions. Determined to become “normal” like the other emojis, Gene enlists the help of his handy best friend Hi-5 (James Corden) and the notorious code breaker emoji Jailbreak (Ilana Glazer). Together, they embark on an epic “app-venture” through the apps on the phone, each its own wild and fun world, to find the Code that will fix Gene. But when a greater danger threatens the phone, the fate of all emojis depends on these three unlikely friends who must save their world before it’s deleted forever.

The Emoji Movie hits theaters on August 4, 2017, so get ready for eight more months of promotional marketing for this thing.

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