We've been tracking the progress of 'The Equalizer' for some time now, and while the Denzel Washington-led film has yet to hit theaters, word is that early screenings are testing overwhelmingly positive. In fact, work has already begun to follow up the new film, directed by longtime Washington pal Antoine Fuqua, with 'The Equalizer 2.'

The Wrap reports that Sony Pictures and Escape Artists already made a deal with 'Equalizer' screenwriter Richard Wenk to return to pen 'The Equalizer 2,' though the first film doesn't even hit theaters for another seven months! Apparently the studios are feeling so confident about the positive response they've been getting in early test screenings that they're moving forward with a sequel before this thing can prove itself profitable.

'The Equalizer,' which also stars Chloe Moretz, reportedly received the most positive scores for an R-rated movie in the studio's test screening history, and although Denzel Washington hasn't signed the dotted line yet for the sequel, it's all but certain that he'll return to reprise his role for 'The Equalizer 2.'

The film is based on the classic 1980s show with Denzel Washington in the lead as Robert McCall, a retired intelligence officer who saves a young prostitute (Moretz) from the Russian mob, getting him way more than he bargained for. Melissa Leo, Bill Pullman and Haley Bennett also star in the film, which hits theaters on September 26.