After all the hubbub about Nicolas Cage of 'Ghost Rider' and 'National Treasure' fame joining the cast of the upcoming 'The Expendables 3,' those reports have been deemed false by Sylvester Stallone himself.

It all started yesterday when comments Mr. Stallone made at press junkets for 'The Expendables 2,' published on El Pais, were posted to a Sylvester Stallone Facebook fan page, which then through fans (including us) into a frenzy of excitement. Now the latest news, however, is that these statements were taken out of context and that Stallone himself has no knowledge of any deal with Nic Cage hopping aboard 'The Expendables 3.'

As Deadline reports, Stallone's exact words were he "has no knowledge of Nic Cage joining 'The Expendables 3,'" and he also stated that reports of the actor going into negotiations are entirely false.

If you recall, when popped into Google Translator, the documented statement from the action star read, "We have confirmed Nicolas Cage, a master actor who gives a veneer intellectual group." This backed up previous statements made by producer Avi Lerner, who was quoted saying, "we've got Nic Cage." But according to the latest statements from Stallone, he was only answering a question about who he'd like to star in a possible 'Expendables 3.' Apparently things do get lost in translation.

Also denied were rumors of Harrison Ford, Mickey Rourke and Wesley Snipes' possible involvements, so while the international rights to 'The Expendables 3' are still being shopped around at the American Film Market, it looks like we'll have to go back to speculating wildly about who should be joining the third movie installment.

As we previously reported, Chuck Norris, a mainstay in the 'Expendables' franchise, has stated that he doesn't have much interest in returning for a third film, so who does that leave us with besides the rest of the original cast? Let us know who you want to star in 'The Expendables 3' in the comments below.

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