Garry Marshall's 1894 comedy-drama 'The Flamingo Kid' will be our next item on “What's Being Remade Now?” The film, which established Matt Dillon as a leading man in the early part of the decade, has been acquired by Walt Disney Pictures, which in turn has set Brett Ratner to produce via his Rat Entertainment company.

The original film sees Dillon playing young working class New Yorker Jeffrey Willis, who gets a job as a cabana boy at a cushy beach club during the summer of 1963. Wouldn't you know it, he's soon lured away from his blue collar roots by all the temptations money and privilege offer him, and must soon decide if he's ready to turn his back on his family in the name of wealth and popularity.

Thanks to its central “have vs. have-not” themes, a remake of the film probably couldn't be more timely; the filmmakers might consider casting Mitt Romney as the snooty “Mr. Brody” character originally inhabited by Richard Crenna.

The script will be written (and potentially directed) by music video helmer Nzingha Stewart, although it's unclear if he'll direct as well. (His involvement makes us think the film will get an "urban" makeover.) Michael Phillips, who produced the original 'Flamingo Kid' (as well as seminal '70s classic 'Taxi Driver' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind') is on board with his Lighthouse Productions banner.