It’ll never be as sexy as that new Hamburglar, but the biopic about McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc will definitely be more interesting. The upcoming film, starring Michael Keaton in the role of the calculating businessman has just added two very great names to the cast: former Parks and Recreation star and mustache icon Nick Offerman, and the always amazing Laura Dern.

THR reports that Offerman has joined the cast of The Founder, following yesterday’s report of Dern’s casting. The film centers on Kroc, the shrewd salesman who discovered Mac and Dick McDonald, two brothers who founded a burger restaurant in California in the 1950s based on speedy, efficient service. Sensing the potential of the venture, Kroc effectively swindled the brothers out of their business, obtaining control of the company and building a vast, billion-dollar empire.

Offerman will play Dick McDonald, described as “a control freak who gave in to pressure from his brother to let Kroc have more control of the business, only to realize too late he was being pushed out.” Dern has been cast in the role of Ethel, Kroc’s long-suffering, oft-neglected first wife, who puts up with her husband’s unending parade of business schemes.

The Founder was scripted by Robert Siegel, the screenwriter behind Patton Oswalt’s dark comedy Big Fan. The Blind Side director John Lee Hancock will helm the film, which is being distributed by The Weinstein Company in November 2016 — which pretty much guarantees that we’re looking at one of next year’s big awards season contenders.