After debuting the new 'Monster's University' short film, 'Party Central,' during this year's D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center, Disney's chief creative office, John Lasseter, introduced the 'The Good Dinosaur,' the Pixar movie the short will premiere in front of in theaters.

'The Good Dinosaur' co-director Pete Sohn and producer Denise Ream came out on stage to preview the film, starting with the voice cast: Lucas Neff will voice Arlo, the dinosaur around which the film centers. His father, Poppa, will be voiced by John Lithgow, and his mother, Momma, by Frances McDormand. His three siblings will be voiced by Bill Hader (Forrest), Neil Patrick Harris (Cliff) and Judy Greer (Ivy).


Per Sohn's description of the storyline: Arlo lives in a farming community where nothing ever changes, and one that's overrun by "giant prehistoric bugs." Arlo is fascinated by them, and upon further investigation comes to find that one of these bugs is actually a young caveman named Spot, who's just wearing a bug costume for, presumably, protection.


Spot, gets his name from the three spots on his forehead, said Sohn. He’s all alone in the world. He’s a tough kid who's not afraid of anyone, but he’s also really endearing.

Here's what Spot looks like:


'The Good Dinosaur' will hit theaters May 30, 2014, along with the attached 'Monsters University' short film 'Party Central.'