Last year we wouldn't help taking note of the many TV reboots of recent movies in the works, but this year (and especially the last few weeks) the trend has really exploded. Next on the conveyor belt is none other than 2006 Edward Norton-Jessica Biel magician drama 'The Illusionist' (no, not 'The Prestige'), with a new reboot from 'True Blood' writer Mark Hudis.

Per Deadline, The CW's tweak on the material would see the story shift to turn-of-the-century New York, centering on a renowned illusionist who returns home from a decade in prison to find his wife married to the ruthless crime boss who framed him. Entering from the bottom as an underling in the boss’ criminal organization, the illusionist uses cunning magic to pull off elaborate heists, rising quickly through the organization in order to take down the boss from the inside and win back his one true love.

So basically, a sexy magician out for revenge in period costume, with shades of 'Sweeney Todd.' The CW!

For what it's worth, the original 'Illusionist' took place in 1889 Vienna, adapting a fictionalized account of the Mayerling Incident, which involved the murder-suicide of Austria’s Crown Prince and his lover. Adapted from Steven Millhauser story, "Eisenheim The Illusionist," the film sees Eisenheim (Norton) competing with the Crown Prince for the heart of a beautiful noblewoman (Biel), all-the-while being pursued by the suspicious chief of police (Paul Giamatti).

Frankly, we've heard far more ludicrous pilot prospects to come out of The CW, and remaking 'The Illusionist' for TV (albeit basically just using the name) feels far less egregious than that of say, 'Uncle Buck.' It's clear the trend isn't slowing down anytime soon anyway, so what do you think? Which movie do you think has the best potential for a TV reboot in the future?

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