Against all odds, AMC's rain-soaked murder-mystery drama 'The Killing' returned this past Sunday for a third season, in a premiere admittedly overshadowed by a somewhat disquieting 'Game of Thrones' episode. And while reception to the revived AMC procedural may prove mixed, how would you like to watch 'The Killing's two-hour premiere "The Jungle / That You Fear the Most" right now?

Following a surprising resurrection, AMC's 'The Killing' has officially debuted its third season against a chorus of cheers and jeers. Whether or not you agree the show should have been resuscitated after a controversial two-season outing, AMC has placed the dreary murder drama's third season premiere "The Jungle / That You Fear the Most" online in its entirety for your own evaluation.

‘The Killing’ season 3 picks up six months after the Rosie Larsen case’s end, and features a cast that includes Peter Sarsgaard as death row inmate Ray Seward, ‘Firefly”s Jewel Staite, ‘Battlestar Galactica’ vet Aaron Douglas, ‘Flashpoint’’s Hugh Dillon, Johnny Ray Gill, Amy Semeitz, Max Fowler and Elias Koteas in addition to the returning Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos as detectives Holder and Linden.

We're certainly game to continue exploring 'The Killing's third season, even with mixed reception to the premiere, but what say you? Are you ready to give the AMC drama another chance, now that series creator Veena Sud has promised a resolution to the current case at the end of the season? Watch 'The Killing's third season premiere in its entirety above, and tell us what you think in the comments!