One of the most impressive feats The LEGO Movie pulled off was the inclusion of so many characters from different franchises, like DC and Star Wars. Where else are you going to see Batman hanging out with Han Solo? It looks like the sequel may bring another fan favorite franchise on board, as The LEGO Movie 2 director Rob Schrab is hinting at the presence of one very famous Doctor.

Schrab appeared on this week’s Harmontown podcast (via iO9), where he revealed that Warner Bros. is in talks with the BBC to include Doctor Who in The LEGO Movie 2, though it’s unclear which LEGO iteration of the Doctor might join in the animated adventure — Matt Smith and his cool bow tie? Or Peter Capaldi with his electric guitar and sonic sunglasses? Or maybe we’ll see multiple Doctors from different timey-wimeys!

It’s also not certain if this will be more of a cameo appearance or a full-fledged role, but the Doctor’s police box could come in handy for Emmet and the gang and whatever obstacles they’re facing this time around.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller wrote the screenplay for the upcoming sequel with Michelle Morgan and Jared Stern, while Schrab — whose credits include episodes of Community and Children’s Hospital — is taking over directing duties for the next outing.

The LEGO Movie 2 hits theaters on May 18, 2018.