Admittedly, we haven't paid much attention to 'The Office' alum Mindy Kaling's solo FOX sitcom 'The Mindy Project,' mostly only when former 'Office' co-stars drop by. The latest of which was Kaling's "Subtle Sexuality" partner Ellie Kemper, but now Kaling's most frequent 'Office' compatriot B.J. Novak has signed on for an appearance! Will Ryan and Kelly have a secret reunion? Find out Novak's 'The Mindy Project' role inside!

Not that the show coasts as such, but it looks like another 'Office' reunion is on the way for 'The Mindy Project,' between the NBC series' other most famous couple. According to Vulture, Kaling's frequent writing partner, on-screen 'Office' love interest and self-described best friend B.J. Novak will put in a two-episode appearance in the coming year.

Novak will take the role of Jamie, a possible love interest and "charming Latin professor who bonds with Mindy over their love of a dead language." The appearance isn't Novak's first association with the series, having executive produced the pilot episode and acted as a consulting producer on the series to date. Kaling left her 'Office' role to pursue the FOX series, while Novak supposedly signed on to appear in a reduced capacity.

Will B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling have the 'Office' reunion we've been waiting for before the end, or will we have to make do with 'The Mindy Project?' What fellow 'Office' stars would you like to see join Kaling's new series?

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