'The Office' took a week off last week because of a natural disaster, but it returns with "The Boat," which looks to escalate some of the tension between Erin and new guy Pete. The last episode "Here Comes Treble" was solid, so we're hoping for more of the same.

The episode opens with Oscar talking about how his dalliance with Angela's husband Senator Lipton was caught on camera, but when he pleas for discretion Kevin shows up in the background. Oscar asks Kevin for time, but Kevin says he'll try, and knowing that Kevin can't keep his foot out of his mouth this freaks Oscar out. Andy is dealing with his family melting down, as his father has moved to Argentina with a younger women when their savings hit the toilet. But in this time of crisis, Andy's being competent, which surprises everyone. Andy says that a sale of his family's boat could take care of his mom, yet the boat is the heart and soul of the family so he doesn't want to sell it, but the boat seems to be the only option. Back at the office, Pam announces that a radio station wants someone from the branch to go on to be interviewed, which Dwight really wants and gets.

Pam says the interview is off, but Jim plots for them not to tell Dwight about it. So Nellie, Darryl, Jim and Pam create a fake talk show for Dwight. Erin tries to make Andy feel better,  but he's oblivious. New guy Pete pines and says he'll cover the phone, but all Andy wants is to pilot the boat so Erin suggests they go to the boat, which they do.

On the fake radio show they get Dwight to take off his shirt and pants, and talk about how their product is toxic, which sends Dwight into panic mode. Oscar tries to get Kevin fired and Toby says he'll send Kevin home, but Oscar can't pull the trigger, while Andy and Erin get to the boat  but are told they can't sail it. Erin calls Andy the Captain, which makes him decide to sail it to the Bahamas to have a final moment with the boat. When he says he knows where the booze stash is, he finds his alcoholic brother (Josh Groban) hidden away. His brother says he wanted to get his first relapse out of the way. On the show Dwight is told that their company owner David Wallace has taken a mailman hostage so Dwight calls the owner but - fortunately for everyone - David brushes him off. When Dwight comes back in to the main part of the office he's applauded for his faux-radio performance. When it seems like Kevin can't keep from bursting, the Senator shows up. And when it seems like Kevin's about reveal all, he actually hides the truth well, but when the interviews happen Kevin admits he forgot about the affair. Erin admits her disappointment about not being invited, which leads to a moment with Pete that amounts to a drinking date.

This is a filler episode through and through. What makes it's slightly better than average is that gave almost everyone something to do, including Toby... but not so much Stanley. It didn't move anything forward, but it also didn't put the dumb conflict between Jim and Pam and the center of the episode. All in all, not bad. But what did you think? Leave your comments in the section below.