We'd be surprised if 'The Office' series finale didn't find some way to either include, or pay tribute to departed series star Steve Carell in the series' final hour, but now Carell himself has even jumped on the recent bandwagon of denying character Michael Scott will appear before Dunder-Mifflin closes its doors this May. Carell recently spoke out about his decision not to return to 'The Office' series finale, but should we believe him? Judge for yourself inside!

NBC president Bob Greenblatt was the one to dash our 'Office' hopes of seeing Steve Carell's Michael Scott one last time when the long-running NBC comedy airs its series finale this May, but now Carell himself has gone on record explaining his apparent decision not to reprise the character one last time. At Sundance for his film 'The Way, Way Back,' Carell spoke to Access Hollywood saying:

I just didn’t think it was right for the character, because that character had had an arc within the story and kind of grew and sort of evolved past the idea of the documentary.

I’m really good friends with everybody on the cast and with [executive producer] Greg Daniels and I want to go back [to the set] to say, ‘Hi,’ certainly, before it all ends, but I just thought, in terms of the character, it didn’t make sense.

We're still keeping an eyebrow raised that 'The Office' will still find a small place for Carell to appear, potentially over Skype as with Stephen Colbert's recent appearance, but we'll take the actor's statements at face value for now. 'The Office' series finale will air as a one-hour episode in May.

What say you? Do you think Carell is bluffing about his 'Office' return? How would you like to see the Dunder-Mifflin crew close out the series? Give us your 'Office' finale predictions in the comments!

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