On paper, 'The Other Woman' sounds like the set-up for a low key domestic drama: Cameron Diaz plays a woman who realizes that the man in her life is already married. However, the trailer for the film immediately takes this premise in a very different direction, as Diaz and the spurned wife (Leslie Mann) team up to take down the lying man in their lives.

And you know what? It looks cute enough. We're still waiting for 'Game of Thrones' star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to land the action franchise that he deserves, but he looks perfectly amusing as the philandering husband. Diaz is still doing her Cameron Diaz thing (where she acts like Cameron Diaz because that's really all she's got), but she appears to have a nice rapport with Mann, who remains one of the most charming and under-utilized comediennes in Hollywood. The trailer also features a great deal of Kate Upton in a bikini (her lines make it clear that she wasn't cast for her acting ability) and a scene or two with Nicki Minaj, making her big screen debut.

Considering how great 2013 was for women ('The Heat'! 'Gravity'! 'The Hunger Games'! 'Frozen'!), we'll approach 'The Other Woman' with cautious optimism. Director Nick Cassavetes has a mixed track record, but we'll take any movie that puts funny women front and center and lets them do their thing.

'The Other Woman' opens on April 25, 2014.

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