What’s your favorite Jim Carrey role? Is it The Mask? Maybe The Truman Show? He was great in Liar Liar. And, of course, who could forget his immortal turn as Jack Torrance in Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s horror story The Shining.

Wait, hang on. Jim Carrey wasn’t in The Shining. But someone just put him in it using deepfake technology. Take a look:

The video, from YouTube Account Ctrl Shift Face is truly uncanny. It doesn’t look like Jim Carrey’s face superimposed on Jack Nicholson’s; it looks like Jim Carrey was there all along. The voice is still Nicholson’s, and it is a little jarring seeing his voice come out of Carrey’s mouth. Watching this, I think it actually looks more convincing if you watch without the sound on for that very reason.

If this is your first encounter with deepfakes, they’re manipulated images made by artificial intelligence. They are incredibly convincing and can be used to make believable videos of people saying or doing things they’ve never said or done. The potential ramifications of this technology is enormous and incredibly dangerous — but hey, it really looks like Jim Carrey was in The Shining! So that’s kind of cool while we wait for deepfakes to destroy the notion of any semblance of truth in our rapidly fracturing society.

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