Earlier this week, The Simpsons made waves with news that Homer and Marge would legally separate in the Season 27 premiere “Every Man’s Dream,” but the internet being the internet, well, outrage was had. Now, producers would like to assure you that one of animation’s most iconic couples aren’t calling it quits after all.

Confusion began when executive producer Al Jean told Variety about the upcoming premiere, in which Homer’s narcolepsy puts a strain on their marriage, leading to a separation and subsequent romance with Homer’s pharmacist Candace, voiced by Girls star Lena Dunham. Strangest of all, the storyline was made public as far back as Dunham’s casting announcement in January, though many took Jean’s interview to mean Homer and Marge would actually divorce, and in a more permanent fashion.

The Simpsons’ Twitter account quickly went into damage control:

With Jean himself chiming in:

So, there you have it. Home and Marge are together forever, and no amount of Lena Dunham will ever change this. Bart’s going to die too, if you hadn’t heard, but whenever The Simpsons rumor mill gets out of control, we invite you to remember one very simple thing.

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