A few weeks ago we heard the inspired news that Adult Swim stop-motion animation gurus of 'Robot Chicken' had begun crafting a 'Simpsons' couch gag to air later in the season, and the finished product might just be our favorite couch gag of the year. Donut transformations, exploding Flanders and stop-motion murder await in the 'Simpsons' 'Robot Chicken' couch gag inside!

Everything from 'Breaking Bad' to 'Game of Thrones' seems to have gotten its due from 'The Simpsons' iconic couch gags, and now 'Robot Chicken' have given Springfield the stop-motion treatment. The actual 'Robot Chicken' team crafted the opening, which features Homer Simpson waking up in his new action figure body, and discovering his stop-motion powers as he wreaks havoc all over Springfield.

And yes, a shocking amount of Springfield citizens end up rather brutally murdered, so there's that. The clip aired with Sunday's new episode "The Fabulous Faker Boy," while this Sunday will see fellow Adult Swim and FOX staple Seth MacFarlane lending his voice to the finale "Dangers on a Train."

Well, what are you waiting for? Check out the 'Robot Chicken' spoof on 'The Simpsons' below, and give us your take on the premise in the comments!

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