With 'True Blood' season 5 dead and in the ground for the better part of the year, it's time for our other favorite sexy vampire thriller to emerge!  But as fans of 'The Vampire Diaries' well know, season 3 ended on a rather intense cliffhanger that promised a big change to the show's premise!  So while 'The Vampire Diaries' season 4 doesn't fully come out to play until October 11, how would you like a sneak peek of the big status quo change right now?

It may take close to a month for 'The Vampire Diaries' to debut its full season 4 premiere "Growing Pains," but why wait that long for fresh blood?  Courtesy of The CW, we've gotten our first peek at the new season, which features Elena (Nina Dobrev) slowly returning to consciousness where her waiting vampire paramours Stefan and Damon have some shocking news for her!

As fans of the series well know, the show's fourth season will tackle Elena's adjustment to life as a vampire, having drowned with vampire blood in her system, causing her to re-awaken.  As this first clip reveals, waking up to discover yourself dead is no picnic.

Check out the first clip from 'The Vampire Diaries' season 4 premiere "Growing Pains" below, and tell us what you're most excited to see from the new season in the comments!