One show that we don't get to talk often enough about (probably because it hasn't been on since 2011) is Adult Swim's perfect pop-culture parody 'The Venture Bros.' returning in glorious technicolor at hte end of the month with an all-new Halloween special!  But with series creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick in town this weekend to discuss and preview the upcoming season at New York Comic-Con, we don't have to wait until October 28!  How would you like to see footage from the Halloween special right now?

Even though it's all the way at the other end of the month, we can barely wait to see the new 'Venture Bros. Halloween special, the fittingly titled "A Very Venture Halloween!"  In fact, we don't even have to wait.  Entertainment Weekly managed to snag the first clip from the October 28 Adult Swim Special, in advance of the show's panel at this week's New York Comic-Con.

In the clip, we see Dr. Venture, Sergeant Hatred (if he's even calling himself that anymore), Master Billy Quizboy and yes, Pete White decked out in their Halloween regalia, as they place bets on how far cautious trick-or-treaters will make it into the complex before the elaborate security system drives them off.  Along the way, We'll learn the Doc's latest disgusting drink recipe, but where are Brock and the boys?

All will be revealed when 'The Venture Bros' unleashes "A Very Venture Halloween" on Sunday, October 28, before the new season begins early 2013, so check out the clip at EW and tell us what you think in the comments!