It’s not every day that we get a chance to talk about ‘The Venture Bros.,’ and while we don’t know very much about the sixth season just yet, the boys are officially back for a brand-new special airing on January 19. Beware major spoilers, but check out the first full trailer for ‘The Venture Bros.’ special, as Rusty, the Monarch and co. head to space!

You’re warned of definite spoilers throughout the first official ‘Venture Bros.’ special trailer (not to be confused with “A Very Venture Halloween” or “From the Ladle to the Grave”), as the new Adult Swim footage reveals some surprise character returns, and a bevy of villains new and old.

The special had originally intended to air before 2014's end, but had to be pushed back, likely owing to the show’s extensive production process (the last finale aired in July 2013, after all). In any case, the vaguely-titled special will see Jonas Venture Jr. finally opening the “Gargantua 2" space station, while the Monarch, Guild of Calamitous Intent, Revenge Society, and even the mysterious “Investors” all set out to crash the day.

Take a look at the glorious trailer for ‘The Venture Bros.’ 2015 special, and tell us in the comments if you’ll watch next Monday at midnight!