We left The Walking Dead in 2015 with way more questions than answers, not to mention some major peril, and it looks like the body parts will fly when Season 6 picks up again on February 14. Our first photos and poster heavily hint at some major comic trauma, while intel from Robert Kirkman puts plenty more threats waiting in the wings.

Both TVLine and Entertainment Weekly caught our first official photos (with likely more to come) from the 2016 premiere “No Way Out,” picking up with Rick, Carl, Jessie, Ron, Sam and the rest navigating a herd of walkers in Alexandria. EW’s in particular ominously hints at a particularly graphic moment from the books (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT), while the other picks up with Daryl confronted by the mysterious motorcycle gang belonging to “Negan”:

The Walking Dead 2016 Premiere Photo
The Walking Dead 2016 Premiere Photo
AMC / TVLine

As to what we can expect in the aftermath of the above carnage (how did it become night?), Says Kirkman to EW:

It comes back to those plans of rebuilding Alexandria. Assuming some people survive, and it’s a good bet that some do because they’ve already talked in the midseason finale that they’re not planning on leaving Alexandria. It’s a bump in the road, but there’s something special there, and they can turn this into an anchor that they can build upon.

They actually have a chance at surviving long term and building a safe place, not going from safety to safety to safety the way they have for the life of the show. This isn’t the prison, and ‘Oh, we gotta move on from here and find another place.’ This is something different. And from there, there will be other things that expand their world in new and terrifying ways.

Not only that, but AMC released a new banner, of which Scott Gimple says “This image gives a look at tiny pieces of a larger world our group is about to discover. In the new world, they’ll find hope, possibility, tragedy and the terrifying cost of change.”

The Walking Dead Season 6B Key Art

The latter half of Season 6 will also introduce at least two major figures straight out of the comics, one played by Nikita alum Xander Berkeley, the other heavily followed on set and identified as actor Tom Payne. Lest we forget, the finale will also introduce Jeffrey Dean Morgan as our new big bad Negan, and all the ominous endings that entails.

Check out the latest Walking Dead footage below, and stay tuned for more from the 2016 premiere “No Way Out”!

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