The Walking Dead hasn’t traded in too many cliffhangers the likes of 2015 closer “Start to Finish,” creating the expectation blood and viscera will fly within moments of 2016 premiere “No Way Out.” We may have at least one confirmed survivor in the newest photos, while Daryl, Sasha and Abraham continue to stare down their new friends.

The Walking Dead’s comic website released a few new images from the February 14 premiere, none of which leave Daryl, Sasha or Abraham in much more peril than we saw in the midseason premiere prologue, facing off against the mysterious “Saviors.” At least somewhat curious, however, is the presence of a shaken-looking Gabriel within church walls (note what looks like stained glass), which could suggest surviving the zombie-guts jaunt into Alexandria’s zombie horde, or perhaps a flashback.

Whoever ends up biting the big one, the back half of The Walking Dead Season 6 will introduce at least three major comic characters, including Xander Berkeley as the leader of a new community, as well Tom Payne as its athletic emissary, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the biggest big bad of them all, Negan.

We’re due for a real trailer soon, but in the meantime, check out the latest Walking Dead Season 6 photos above, and stay tuned for more on the February 14 return.

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