We’ve had a few weeks to put the missteps of The Walking Dead Season 6 behind us, especially as midseason finale “Start to Finish” left us in the lurch of a bloody cliffhanger. Now, the first footage of February’s 2016 premiere has arrived in a new trailer, and things aren’t looking good for anyone, in or out of Alexandria.

Not only do the mystery bandits name-dropping “Negan” continue to menace Daryl, Sasha and Abraham, but it appears as if Rick and Jessie’s guts-and-gore venture through the Alexandria herd may not have ended so well, as the latest trailer picks up at night with a few key players missing.

Rick seems to be doing just fine (note the lack of poncho), along with Michonne, Heath, Spencer and Carl, but there’s no sign of Jessie, Ron, Sam, or even Gabriel. Maggie too seems distraught at something that befalls a returning Glenn, but they wouldn’t go down that well again, would they? Would they?

In addition to the eventual introduction of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, the back half of The Walking Dead Season 6 will also introduce us to several notable new characters, among them comic character Jesus (Tom Payne), and a less-than-trustworthy figure played by Nikita alum Xander Berkeley.

The Walking Dead Season 6 will return on February 14, but take a look at the first trailer above, and get ready to worry for Glenn all over again.

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