Telltale Games surprised everyone on Monday, announcing The Walking Dead: 400 Days add-on would be available starting on Tuesday, July 2.

The release dates were revealed by IGN, and players around the world will be able to enjoy the special episode tying season one to season two by next week.

PlayStation players in the U.S. will get the game first tomorrow, with the PC version due to arrive on July 3. Xbox 360 owners get their crack at the content on July 5. European PlayStation supporters will see the add-on drop on July 10, with iOS getting the episode on July 11.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days will run you $5 (400MSP), and you must have at least the first episode of season one downloaded to get the content. Telltale has advised its best to wait until you've played all of it to try out this episode, but as long as you have that first chapter, you're free to play the game as you please.