If you’re anything like us, you spent much of last night’s Morgan-centric outing of The Walking Dead hoping for clues toward a certain someone’s unclear demise. The flashback-focused “Here’s Not Here” may not have delivered as such, but the actor in question went missing from the opening credits, so what should we make of it?

You’re warned of full spoilers for the last two weeks of The Walking Dead from here on out, but those looking for confirmation of Glenn’s survival may have found themselves deterred by Sunday’s “Here’s Not Here.” The hour in question kept itself tethered to Morgan’s perspective, both in backstory and a brief bookend of Alexandria, though eagle-eyed viewers may have observed that Steven Yeun’s name was removed from the opening credits.

Well, should we take that as confirmation of Glenn’s end? Almost certainly not, as Talking Dead almost immediately assured viewers last week that Steven Yeun would return as Glenn in at least some form, while investigation into the character’s survival yielded news that Yeun had re-upped his contract before Season 6.

As Vulture notes, The Walking Dead almost always credits series regulars regardless of whether or not they appear in a given episode, tonight marking the first occasion since the series’ second episode that Yeun was omitted. Still, it wouldn’t be the first time that a series worked around casting and credit loopholes to preserve certain surprises, so don’t panic just yet.

It appears as if next week will show us Maggie’s search for Glenn, which itself should yield some answers, but what should we make of the omission? Is The Walking Dead really done with Steven Yeun?

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