Oh, those 'Walking Dead.'  We feel so aimlessly lost, wandering in the earth absent a thought in our heads, hungrily craving any fresh looks at 'The Walking Dead' season 3 in advance of its October 14 premiere.  So, what better way to satiate our zombie 'Walking Dead' fan hunger than with a fresh batch of photos from the upcoming season? Who's beefing up their armory, and who's re-creating classic comic moments?

AMC has released a fresh batch of stills from the forthcoming run of 'The Walking Dead' season 3, some of which had previously been featured in Entertainment Weekly's spread on the hit zombie phenomenon.  The new pictures don't reveal anything particularly earth-shattering, but do showcase some serious firepower on either side of the survivors, and the newly-established Woodbury.

While Andrea looks to be sitting pretty at the end of the world while The Governor (David Morrissey) overlooks a .50 caliber rifle, it's Rick and his group that end up having to do the dirty work.  Not only does Daryl have to upgrade his usual quiver to hold more arrows, but Rick seems to have a more specific plan in mind by brandishing a pair of tied carabinders to an incoming walker.  And yay for Glenn, recreating classic comic moments by stabbing walkers through the fence!  Might want to make sure you hold onto that pipe, though...

‘The Walking Dead’ will premiere its third season on Sunday, October 14 with “Seed,” though in the meantime we have plenty of shots, theories and interviews to get your ‘Walking Dead’ fix until then.

Take a look at the new photos below, and tell us in the comments what what you think will happen when ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 kicks off October 14!