We've only two episodes to go in the first half of 'The Walking Dead' season 4, some of which might see some major comic additions, but what of the back half premiering in 2014? Former 'Greek' star Andrew J. West has reportedly joined the cast in an important new recurring role said to be based on that of the comics, but what secrets lie in store for 'The Walking Dead' season 4?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, West will appear in the latter half of season 4 as Gareth, of whom relatively few details have been revealed, other than that the character will have "a big presence and play an important character." The character did not appear in the Robert Kirkman comics, though should be considered a "remix of sorts of an unidentified character from the series," with the potential to turn series regular come seaosn 5.

We're dealing in speculation from here on out, but we wouldn't expect the survivors to remain at the iconic prison for very much longer, considering the ever-changing nature of the series, and a heavy, rolling reason the Governor might compromise the facility's security. With several other important comic characters on the way, might Gareth belong to one of the future groups encountered after the prison in the 'Walking Dead' comic books?

What say you? Who do you think the mysterious new character appearing in the second half of 'The Walking Dead' season 4 will turn out to be? What do you hope to see from the final two episodes of 2013? Check out the latest promo for this Sunday's "Dead Weight" below, and give us your predictions in the comments!