As often as death visits The Walking Dead outright, the AMC horror smash has frequently maimed or mutilated others. The comics tend to go even more gruesome, to the point AMC’s rendition has specifically held back on a few occasions, but is one main character due to lose a significant body part in Season 6?

You’re hereby warned of spoilers, both for The Walking Dead Season 6, and its comic inspiration (and thereby future potential for the series as well), but considering how closely AMC’s Alexandria arc has mirrored that of the books, it won’t be long before one, or more from the main cast suffer some horrific injuries. We’ve already seen the likelihood of walkers breaching the gate, but Carl in particular might suffer a more living fate.

Fans of the books will remember that Carl ends up accidentally shot a second time, during a temporary undead invasion of the walled community, but losing an eye and portion of his skull, rather than the more recoverable gut shot of Season 2. A lost eye might prove far more manageable from a production standpoint (as opposed to the comic loss of Rick’s right hand, which AMC understandably backed away from), and even certain set photos might suggest its imminence.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to showrunner Scott Gimple of the possibility, though his replies were predictably  vague:

We don’t know if anybody’s losing their eye. This is not A Christmas Story … There are some things we can’t do that were in the comic. Rick losing his hand — there’s also another big TV show that did it recently.

There are other things we can and will do. There is a balance to be struck. If it is stuff that’s really important to serve the character, we need to try and do it. It’s also just if we can pull it off on a consistent basis in a great way. There’s stuff we can do, there’s stuff we can’t do. I would never tell you what it is.

Elsewhere of The Walking Dead Season 6, we know that Straight Outta Compton star Corey Hawkins has joined the series in the comic role of Alexandria runner Heath, alongside new additions Tom Payne, Xander Berkeley, Ethan Embry and Merrit Wever. AMC has also released clips and a few photos, amid previews of a fleshed-out comic backstory, while we’ve broken down the Season 6 trailer and previewed exactly how disgusting walkers will look, and all before digital FX.

Not only that, but Season 6 will also host installments of a half-hour special set on an airplane, a character of which will go on to a role in Fear The Walking Dead Season 2. Season 6 has also upped three Alexandria residents to series regular, though that’s certainly no guarantee of their survival.

We’ll see more of The Walking Dead Season 6 on the road to October, so check out the trailers again below, and stay tuned for the latest from cast and crew.

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