These days, it feels like the zombie video game trailer is as much as an art form as the games and movies they advertise.  From 'Dead Rising' to 'Dead Island,' sometimes they barely even have to show anything, yet still give us nightmares.

Enter everyone's favorite zombie phenomenon 'The Walking Dead,' whose upcoming video game from Telltale games serves up a brand-spanking new teaser that offers no gameplay footage of the actual game whatsoever, nor even any characters living or dead, and still manages to feel deeply unsettling.  Dare we say, not even AMC's 'The Walking Dead' has been this chilling.

The game follows escaped convict Lee Everett, an original character created specifically for the game, weaving a parallel story to the Robert Kirkman comic series, with designs based on Charlie Adlard’s art.  The game bases its story more out of the Image Comics 'Walking Dead' than the AMC incarnation, but includes several familiar characters such as Glenn, Hershel, and eventually Rick Grimes himself.  Also along for the ride is young Clementine, an orphaned girl Lee encounters along the way and who behaves differently based on the actions taken by the player.

Game developer Telltale CEO Dan Connors stated earlier this week that the developer will submit the episodic game for approval through Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, possibly for sale in late April or early May.

Creepy, no? What did you think of the trailer? Will Lee find young Clementine up in that ominous treehouse? Let us know your reaction in the comments, and whether or not you'll check out 'The Walking Dead' upon its release!