There are many different sides to Keanu Reeves. The man contains multitudes. There’s Action Keanu. There’s Sad Keanu. There’s Sci-Fi Keanu. There’s Surfer Keanu. There’s Sad Action Keanu. There’s Surfer Action Keanu. There’s Sad Surfer Sci-Fi Action Keanu. And then there’s Lawyer Keanu, who returns to the screen this fall in the new legal thriller The Whole Truth.

From Courtney Hunt, the director of the very good Melissa Leo crime movie Frozen RiverThe Whole Truth features Keanu Reeves as a defense attorney who takes on a case (as a favor to an old friend played by Renée Zellweger) that’s way more complicated than it first appears. (In movies, they always are.) Here’s the official synopsis:

Defense attorney Richard Ramsay (Keanu Reeves) takes on a personal case when he swears to his widowed friend, Loretta Lassiter (Renée Zellweger), that he will keep her son Mike (Gabriel Basso) out of prison. Charged with murdering his father, Mike initially confesses to the crime. But as the trial proceeds, chilling evidence about the kind of man that Boone Lassiter (Jim Belushi) really was comes to light. While Ramsay uses the evidence to get his client acquitted, his new colleague Janelle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) tries to dig deeper – and begins to realize that the whole truth is something she alone can uncover.

Now it doesn’t appear that Reeves’ character is working for Satan, like in Lawyer Keanu’s classic ’90s legal thriller The Devil’s Advocate. But maybe that’s the twist? Maybe this kid’s dark secret is that he’s the actual devil! Maybe The Whole Truth is a shadow sequel to Devil’s Advocate, the same way The Woods turned out to be a Blair Witch sequel. Oh my God, how deep does this thing? We will finally know The Whole Truth, when the film premieres on October 21.

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