Halloween isn’t for several months (though couldn’t it be said that Halloween is more of a state of mind, and lives inside us all year long?), but there’s no wrong time in the moviegoing calendar for a blood-curdling horror story. Odd as it may be for the new spine-tingler The Witch to go into wide release a few days after Valentine’s Day, the February 19 debut shouldn’t deter anyone from checking out this supremely creepy, precisely controlled work of tension and fear. Presiding studio A24 has thrown their considerable weight behind a clever ad campaign for what they hope will be a Blair Witch-style breakout hit, with depictions of Ted Cruz as the truest form of evil and a Snapchat account launching the star-bound career of Black Phillip, the film’s demonic goat.

But they also attended to more routine forms of promotion, with the final trailer for the film materializing onto the internet earlier today. Like the other spots advertising the film, this clip focuses on lead actress Anya Taylor-Joy as she plays a game of peekaboo with her infant brother around their family’s compound in the Massachusetts Bay colony. For the first time in the history of peekaboo, the baby wins, and disappears without a trace. The family fears that the devil and his consorts may be the culprits behind this mysterious vanishing. Have they really become the target of a Satanic kidnapping threatening their Christian way of life, or is it all in their heads? Spoiler alert: Check the title.

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