James Mangold’s ‘The Wolverine’ has arrived in Australia to begin production, and the director held a press conference with star Hugh Jackman and local media to announce the crew’s arrival. While at the event, reporters were invited to shoot photos of some of the set work. Needless to say, those images raced their way to the Internet for all of us to peruse.

What are we looking at? We’re not entirely sure. ComicBookMovie says the sets are supposed to represent a World War II prisoner of war camp, which is entirely possible. There’s also a board of concept art, which suggests majestic scenes of samurai action and the golden glow of a figure (maybe Wolverine) standing before the flames of some destruction. Too soon to tell, really, though we know you’ll have fun poring over the images for key details.

Jackman’s back playing Logan for the fifth time. He and Mangold will attempt to recreate the legendary Frank Miller story of Wolverine’s spiritual journey through Japan. The movie’s aiming for a July 26, 2013 release date. Producers are continuing the casting process, but ‘The Wolverine’ is underway. Are you excited?