A new behind-the-scenes video for 'The Wolverine' has clawed its way online, taking a look at a character Hugh Jackman calls "the ultimate outsider."

The featurette (via Digital Spy), titled "A Ronin's Story," focuses on the samurai aspects of the James Mangold-directed film. As Mangold explains, a "ronin" is a samurai without a cause, and Jackman underlines that theme by saying Logan "has lost hope, and it's a dangerous place to be for someone as powerful as Logan."

The featurette also shows off some new footage, including scenes from the film's World War II sequences, brief peeks at the new villains (including Silver Samurai and Viper), and some fresh examples of Logan's newfound vulnerability. But what has us most pumped is something Jackman and Mangold have said many times before: "He is more of a monster than you've ever seen him before." That will never cease to excite us.

'The Wolverine' opens on Jul. 26.