'This is 40,' the latest from Judd Apatow, hit theaters this past weekend and it was a riot, especially for those who were already fans of the semi-prequel 'Knocked Up.' Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann reprised their roles from the Seth Rogan and Kathryn Heigel-starring flick as the hysterically semi-dysfunctional married couple. If you didn't get a chance to make it to theaters this past week, (apparently some people like to be with their families around this time -- who knew?) now's your chance to take your peek with this newly released 'This is 40' deleted scene.

In 'This is 40,' Rudd and Mann's characters are both turning 40 in the same week, though only one is able to recognize it (three guess who after watching the trailer). So they're trying to spice things up a bit in their marriage, which is so not what their friends, Barb and Barry, are trying to do. In fact, in this deleted scene released on Funny or Die where Pete (Rudd) and Debbie (Mann) are explaining the plan over dinner, their buddies in turn reveal their current track: "The Law of Least Effort."

We don't know why this particular moment was cut from the film, considering how hysterical it is and how many classic Apatow-y moments it has -- long rants about anal sex in handicap bathrooms, the kid who can't go to the bathroom because his mom says people will steal him, the same kid who then poops in his pants not even three minutes later, trying to incite intimacy by poking your wife with your... Well, you get the idea.

Watch the full 'This is 40' deleted scene below, and be sure to check out the entire flick in theaters when you get a free moment away from the holiday cheer!