Disneyland has always been about transporting its guests to detailed fantasy worlds, so it makes perfect sense that the park will continue to squeeze the Marvel brand for all that it's worth. After showcasing Iron Man armor earlier this year and making Captain America a new staple on board Disney cruises, Disneyland will allow visitors to visit the realm of Asgard and meet Thor himself ... just in time for 'Thor: The Dark World,' of course.

Though details are scarce right now, Disney announced that tourists "will be able to visit Asgard this fall and come face-to-face with the Mighty Avenger, Thor." Knowing Disney, this sounds like Disneyland is getting a temporary Thor-themed exhibit that will look like it was torn straight out of the films, complete with a Chris Hemsworth look-alike to pose for photos with your astonished and giddy children. There's no word if any other Marvel characters will show up, but we know that the line to meet Loki would easily double that of Thor's. Sorry, Thor.

Although Disney owns the Marvel brand now, fans will probably have to settle for small exhibits and costumed meet-and-greets like this for the time being. Due to all kinds of rights issues (the Florida theme park rights for Marvel being leased to Universal Studios, etc.), temporary exhibits are probably the only thing we'll see on Disney property for quite some time. Maybe that's a good thing. Otherwise, we'd be looking at future theme parks where Marvel superheroes could stand alongside characters from 'Star Wars,' and we're pretty sure our brains would explode.

We'll update you as more information about Disneyland's 'Thor: The Dark World' experience is revealed. The film hits on November 8, 2013.