Of all the various TV pilots in development, one show we're certainly keeping our eye on comes from 'Homeland' producer Howard Gordon as that of TNT's upcoming sci-fi pilot 'Legends.' The pilot has already achieved notoriety for casting Brendan Fraser in the lead role, only to replace him with 'Game of Thrones' star Sean Bean, and now former 'Heroes' star Ali Larter has officially joined the pilot in the female lead. Find out the 'Legends' of TNT's latest hit inside!

TNT's buzzy upcoming pilot 'Legends' has tapped one of NBC's 'Heroes' for the lead role opposite its kingly leading man Sean Bean. Deadline reports that Ali Larter has officially joined the Howard Gordon-produced pilot as Crystal, an operative with D.C.O. who has a history with Bean's character and objects to his return to the elite task force.

Based on the Robert Littell spy novel of the same name and developed by Gordon, ‘Legends’ will follow undercover operative Martin Odum (Bean), who has the incredible ability to transform himself into a different person for each job. The operative’s own identity comes into question when a mysterious stranger suggests to the man that Martin isn’t quite who he thinks he is.

Also present in the show's pilot are Steve Harris, Amber Valletta, Rob Mayes, Tina Majorino and Lux Haney Jardine.

What say you? Does the addition of Ali Larter to 'Legends' bring enough star power for you to check out the series? Tell us what you think of TNT's 'Legends' in the comments!

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