Tom Hanks could be playing Walt Disney in 'Saving Mr. Banks,' which is not a sequel to the Hanks-starring 'Saving Private Ryan,' but a film about the making of the film 'Mary Poppins.' 'Banks' will be directed by John Lee Hancock, and the role of P.L. Travers - the author of 'Mary Poppins' - has been offered to Emma Thompson.

The film follows the fourteen-year courtship that Walt Disney engaged in with Travers in the hopes of making 'Mary Poppins' at his studio. the film was made - of course - though Travers wasn't happy with the finished film and never licensed her works to be filmed again.

Hanks as Walt Disney seems like better theoretical casting that practical (they don't seem to look much alike), but I'm sure they'll be some prosthetic work that will make it a smoother transition, and Hanks embodies the sort of good nature that one associates with Disney. Thompson seems a logical choice (Meryl Streep was also offered the role), even if it may remind a little of her work in the 'Nanny McPhee' series. For some reason it's in the air to make films about films, as there's also two films about Hitchock being made. 'Mr. Banks' comes from Kelly Marcel's Black-list winning script, according to Variety.

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