Well I guess if anyone has experience among thieves, it’s Spider-Man.

The new Spidey, Tom Holland, will ply that experience in the long-developing big-screen version of Uncharted, the beloved PlayStation video game series. The fourth installment of the PS4 saga, A Thief’s End, basically wrapped up protagonist Nathan Drake’s saga, so in an interesting twist, Sony has decided to make their Uncharted film about a young Drake. That’s where Holland comes in.

Deadline has the scoop; they say Sony chief Tom Rothman decided “after seeing the latest cut of [Spider-Man: Homecoming]” to build a second franchise around Holland and his young but apparently very powerful charisma. More from Deadline:

Shawn Levy is directing a film that will take its inspiration from a sequence in the third iteration of the video game that focused on the young thief Drake, and his first encounter with the professional rogue, Sullivan.

This is an interesting idea. Tom Holland is definitely too young to play Nathan Drake as he’s portrayed in the games. But he’s also a really charming actor, and if he’s got the chops to play Spidey, he’s got the chops to play Drake. (If you’ve seen his social media videos, you also know he’s got the legit gymnastic abilities to do some of Drake’s crazy stunt climbs and falls.) The creative side of things still needs to be hammered out though; Uncharted has gone through several directors already and numerous screenplays. But given the right script and filmmaker, Holland could turn Drake into a fortune for himself, and a pleasure for fans.

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