It's September and the multiplexes are a wasteland. Unless you like 'Resident Evil' movies, there's not much out there to savor right now and until Oscar season begins in earnest next month, it'll stay that way (well, at least 'Looper' is on the way, right?). How about we forget about the current state of new releases and gaze upon the trailers for two quirky festival darlings that are finally getting a chance in the spotlight?

Although it premiered at Sundance in 2011, 'The Details' is only just now finding its way to screens. Despite a cast full of big names like Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks, Laura Linney, Ray Liotta and Kerry Washington, the film is about as un-mainstream as you can get, able to immediately turn off as many people as it amuses. This new "unofficial" trailer (which is ever-so-slightly NSFW) definitely sells the film as something that's not for everyone. Instead of giving you a clear idea of what the movie is about, the trailer sells a dark, offbeat tone through montage (shades of the trailer for the Coen brothers' 'A Serious Man').

Like 'The Details,' 'Gayby' has divided audiences and critics during its time on the festival circuit, but unlike that film, it's actually getting released in the same year it premiered. The story is definitely at 21st century one: a woman decides that she wants to have a baby and since she can't find the right man, she recruits her gay best friend to do the job.

'The Details' arrives in limited release on November 2 and 'Gayby' on October 12. What do you think? Do either of them look good to you?